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WaLTER provides advice on fundamental monitoring of the Wadden Sea area and provides the access point to Wadden Sea data


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Pilot KPN data

WaLTER researches innovative measurement techniques. One of these techniques is the monitoring of visitors to the Wadden Sea area via mobile phones. The technical means are available; a mobile phone sends data to a GSM mast of known location, from which the approximate location of the mobile phone can be inferred. Even the exact location can be determined if the mobile has a GPS and one has given permission for this information to be retrieved.

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Accession ILTER and LTER-Europe

The WaLTER-consortium aims to set up a Dutch LTER-network aimed at long-term ecological research, and to register the Netherlands as a member of the international research network ILTER and LTER-Europe. For the registration process, a letter of support is required from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the national authority in the field of the Dutch LTER-Network.

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